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SAP Services


What is SAP Cloud platform?

Cloud computing has become a trend nowadays! So, keeping up with this trend, SAP came out with the SAP Cloud platform. Launched as an open platform-as-a-service (PaaS), it promises to deliver core platform services and unique in-memory capabilities for building and extending cloud applications that are mobile-enabled.

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Our SAP Cloud Services

SAP Ariba

Spend better and grow faster with custom-designed SAP Ariba solutions. SAP Ariba helps you design and build a direct solution. With this, you can draw intelligent connections communicating seamlessly with your suppliers, business leaders, and other solution providers. As a procurement and supply chain integration solution, you can streamline tasks and get your work done swiftly.

SAP Leonardo

Hail on the journey of creating an intelligent business solution with SAP Leonardo Da. The solution empowers business organizations with intelligent solutions helping them make the most out of their everyday operations. Encompassing the top technologies of the era, Syncabout helps you find the right fit for your business and integrate them in an economical way.


SAP MDG or SAP Master Data Governance renders a data management tool for businesses and organizations across the globe. With SAP MDG, organizations can maintain, distribute, and also validate their enterprise’s master data. The solution is compatible with the SAP ERP system enabling you to integrate data from the ERP system and manage them without any hassle. You can also edit and modify the master data that accounts for all business processes.

SAP Concur

A travel-specific SaaS solution, SAP Concur allows organizations to consolidate all of their travel expenses into a single head. It helps organizations manage their travel expenses without having to worry about when and where. Leaders can effectively track their spending habits and have an in-depth view of transactions. The solution can be accessed on all devices, including mobile.

SAP Field Glass

SAP Fieldglass is an open vendor management system running over the cloud. With SAP Field Glass, organizations can simplify the way they manage, locate, engage, pay, and unleash the power of their external workforce. From comparing labor costs to proceeding with the employee onboarding process, SAP Field Glass encompasses all.

SAP Hybris

Designed specifically for the e-commerce Industry, SAP Hybris is an end-to-end online store partner. As a cloud-based CRM solution, SAP Hybris allows you to keep track of customer data, their preferences and buying sentiments to optimize marketing strategies and boost sales. It offers an entire suite of CRM solutions that provides a holistic view of the entire buying journey.

Take Your Business to Next Level!

How is SAP Cloud Platform distinct?

  • March ahead in the digital world by leveraging intelligent tools and capabilities dealing with IoT, Big Data, analytics, design thinking and much more.
  • Smartly integrate your cloud applications with their on-premise counterparts and vice-a-versa using pre-packaged integration content, and orchestrate them as APIs to enhance productivity.
  • Never compromise on your crucial data! Manage it effectively by gaining insights from live transactional data using most advanced in-memory data management technology.
  • Expand the scope of your business operations, without affecting the stability of current processes. Extension and innovation under the same roof!
  • Create and deliver the best of digital experience using SAP Cloud Platform Experience Maker, an exclusive tool built for the purpose.